Happy Pants


Happy Pants – why is mummy so sad? is about a young boy grappling with his mum’s post-natal depression.

Not exactly your standard picture book. But having experienced PND with both my kids, I know that part of the ordeal is worrying about what effect you’re having on your kids. My aim with Happy Pants was to provide a resource for kids and parents – and to bring hope.

I was thrilled when my friend and nearby artist Liz McGrath agreed to illustrate Happy Pants. I wrote about my experience working with Liz for The Victorian Writer magazine – you can read the article here – Creative Collaboration

The book was endorsed by PANDA (Post and Ante-Natal Depression Association) and COPE (the Centre of Perinatal Excellence).

Happy Pants Reviews :

 The book’s message is ultimately one of hope, togetherness and prevailing love.                   Bookseller & Publisher

 Happy Pants says so much in so few words: the perfect picture book for helping kids understand what can be a confusing and sad time in their lives: when Mum isn’t happy anymore.                 Good Reads

Happy Pants is a lovely, heartfelt book that provides insight into a painful and confusing situation that many children find themselves in.  It is a beautiful book on its own or would be a great way to begin necessary conversation on a condition that deserves greater attention.                                Buzz Words

Happy Pants is potentially a very useful book for families dealing with PND. It could easily provide a springboard for helpful discussion, especially with children watching their beloved mum react so unexpectedly – and help them navigate the potential field of false guilt and hurt feelings.      Christian Childrens Authors

With perinatal depression affecting one in seven women, this is an important book to have in the library’s collection so that young children who are in such a situation can learn that they’re not the only child with a sad mummy, it is not their fault and that things can get better.                       Teacher Librarian review