Ferret on the Loose

In May 2013, my very first book Ferret on the Loose was released by New Frontier Publishing. It was an exciting time!

The story was inspired by another story I wrote  while working as a journalist. I interviewed a girl about her pet ferret Basil who had won a ferret race. She told me all about how Basil did naughty things like steal chocolate biscuits and get into underwear drawers. Needless to say, my imagination was fired. Many years later my ferret story finally was published. Here’s the blurb:

Lucy has been training her pet ferret Flash for the annual Fastest Fearless Ferret Race. But as the competition approaches, Flash is nowhere to be found. Did he run away? Or was Flash ferret-napped?

You can read Chapter 1 by clicking on the link here:


And if you want to keep reading, you can purchase the book here:


Ferret on the Loose Reviews:

This is another fun book from the Little Rockets series. There are some great twists that children, especially animal lovers, will enjoy. Good Reads


A fun read, recommended for emerging readers. Aussie Reviews


Benjamin Johnston’s animated coloured illustrations and Heather Gallagher’s comic use of names and situations will keep you and readers aged 7 and beyond amused along the way. Boomerang Books


This is a fun and fast paced book that will help junior school readers to become more competent. Get Ahead Kids


A recommended book by Kids Book Review